• Georgian wine sales opportunity – world wine shortage

    London wine trade talk 22 October, 2012
    Author: Sally White

    The world faces a wine shortage equivalent to 1.3 billion bottles next year after production slumped in France, Italy and Spain, the main suppliers, according to the biggest French wine cooperative -. Groupe Val d’Orbieu . The global shortfall is expected to be at least 10 million hectoliters (264 million gallons), Bertrand Girard, chief executive officer said. World production fell in the past decade even as consumption rose, according to data from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, or OIV. Spain has zero stocks,” he said. “Italy has zero stocks. We no longer have stocks to bridge the gap. We have no more entry-level wine.”


    Beware growing wine piracy in China Piracy is a growing problem for Australian winemakers taking advantage of the booming Chinese market, the head of one of WA's biggest wineries said. Sandalford Wines chief executive Grant Brinklow said brand hijacking was a worrying trend facing many growers. "Take a strong brand like Penfolds," he said. "Chinese are creating a label that looks identical and call it Benfolds," Mr Brinklow said. "There is an ongoing growth in the rate of brand pirating and hijacking up there. They replicate it or vary it and take it for their own."

    More winery joint action - Italians on each other to co-operate in China
    The Italian wine sector has to find the means to set up a ‘central command’ that can launch a global Italian strategy in China, picking up on the positive signals that are coming from the marketplace: “we have to construct together an overall image for Italian wine, make consumers more aware of it and educate local sommeliers, restaurateurs and members of the trade” announced Italia del Vino-Consorzio, which comprises 11 major producers.